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Understand the importance of Insurance

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People do not understand the importance of Insurance. Insurance is a product which cannot be purchased at all times by all. There are limitations of age and health.

If a person is diagnosed for any ailment, he can go to a doctor and get cured

If you get a notice from income tax department, your auditor can help you for a solution
If you have legal issue, an advocate can solve the problem for you.

After having any of the above issues, if you approach an insurer or advisor, he can’t help you.
Insurance is like a parachute. It cannot be bought in the mid- air.

Buy suitable insurance for your life, health and assets when you feel it is not required for you.

The same activity will give different feeling at different times. For example the school bell that rings at 9.00 am in the morning gives a different feeling to the students to the one that rings at 4.00 pm in the evening. In the same way, Health Insurance may pinch your pocket at the time of buying. But when it is put in to use at the time of health care need, it fills your pocket.

Students cannot enjoy the pleasure of 4.00 pm school bell if they do not experience the stress of 9.00 am bell.

People cannot enjoy the benefit of being assisted with the health care insurance if they had not tested their pocket with the premium.

Many of us have travelled in flights. The flight attendant before the departure instructs the passengers about the safety aspects like availability of Oxygen mask and Life jacket to be sued when in need.

Though these life jackets and oxygen masks are rarely used or never used, the flights cannot afford not to have them in their flights at all times.

Like that one may not have used the Life Insurance and Health Insurance at all in his life so far, it does not mean that he will not require them at all.

Life Insurance is not for the people themselves but is for the people whom they love. You can say no to you but you do not have the right to say no to your loves ones.

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