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Linking Aadhar with your life insurance policies

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The government has instructed all financial institutions to link their customers insurance and investments to the respective Aadhar numbers.

As a result IRDA has instructed all life and non-life companies to get their customers insurance plans to be linked to their respective Aadhar numbers.

How to link your Aadhar with your LIC policies

Go to

Click the Link Aadhar icon and proceed

You have to provide the following personal information

Name as in your Aadhar card and Date of birth

Your Father name and Aadhar number, Gender, Email id, PAN number, Mobile Number and the policy numbers add as many policies as you have

Give your consent to link the Aadhar for all your policies and request for OTP.

You will get OTP on your mobile number (which should have been registered in your Aadhar Number)
Record the OTP and then submit. You are done.

Have you lost your LIC policy document? How to get the duplicate one?

The life insurance contract is a long term contract usually for 15 – 30 years. There is no need for the original document in between unless the life assured is looking for a policy loan for any emergency cash requirements. Many a time the life assured may have lost their policy documents.

There is no need to worry about that. A simple procedure can get you a duplicate policy.

  • Submit a request letter for a duplicate policy document informing the LIC about the loss of your policy document.
  • They will give you a set of forms along with an indemnity draft which is to be types on Rs. 100 stamp paper. Get this indemnity bond witnessed by any of the LIC agents you know and get it Notorised as well.
  • Fill up the Query form explaining the circumstances under which the policy was lost.
  • Specimen signature form if there is difference in your signature with the one signed at the time of proposing for insurance
  • Pay the required charges for the issue of duplicate policy
  • Submit the above documents to LIC branch where the policy was issued. The duplicate policy document will be sent to your address

How to get a loan on your LIC policy (other than term insurance policies)

Life Insurance is a long term contract. The life assured keeps paying premium regularly for a long time. Some time, the insured person may have some urgent financial requirements.

In such situations, the insured person shall approach the insurer and request for a loan mortgaging his life insurance policy document. A simple loan application needs to be filled, signed and witnessed by any agent of the corporation. The maximum loan will be up to 90% of the surrender value of the policy.

It is advisable to take a policy loan only if you can pay at least the interest once in 6 months. Otherwise, even if you continue to pay your premium, you may not get much on maturity. The difference in the rate of return on your life insurance and the interest on your loan will eat away the savings in your life insurance policy. Take care of your life insurance policy.

What is important in a life insurance policy?

The amount of premium you pay? No
The number of policies you own? No
The amount of death benefit payable to the family? Partially YES
Keeping your policy in force by paying premium in time every time? Absolutely YES

How to pay your LIC premium online?

Visit LIC website and then click Pay Premium Online
You will have 2 options
1. Pay direct (without login)
2. Through customer portal

If you have not registered your LIC policies already, you can click Pay Direct

If you have already registered your policies with LIC customer portal, click through customer portal
If you have not registered your LIC policies already and want to register, click through customer portal and then click sign up

A window will open and you have to submit the following information

  • Policy Number *
  • Installment Premium (W/o Taxes)*
  • Date of Birth *
  • Mobile Number *
  • E mail id *
  • Aadhaar Number
  • PAN
  • Passport Number
  • Gender *

(* means mandatory) and then click proceed

You will get a mail welcoming you to LIC s e services. You need to click the link, you will get a OTP submit the same to get your policies registered.

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