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July 2022
If you haven’t checked my previous post on Personal Finance, please follow the link. The basic principles of Money Management are as follows, Spend less than your earnings One may wonder “Is it possible to spend more than one’s earnings”? Yes. Because of availability of easy finance options, one can easily be prompted to spend more...
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Personal Finance is the process of Managing and Utilizing Financial Resources which an individual has or that is being generated month on month by the individual, for the various needs of the family. The purpose of practicing and maintaining good personal finance is to ensure that the families enjoy financial comfort / freedom with peace...
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A good personal finance practice is with people who meet their regular commitments including current living expenses, debt servicing and then generate surplus and use them for creating assets in various forms for their use in the future. Those people who are not able to get these 3 things happen (meeting expenses, debt services and...
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We all have heard of the term “Physical Fitness”. But, what is that “Financial Fitness”? This is nothing but assessing how stable is a person’s financial position. How do people judge the physical fitness of an individual? Naturally they do by looking at the physical appearance of the person. If he does not have any...
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